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Rackspace Cloud Site Questions

Just takes a few minutes to set up your account and your website inside the Cloud Sites Control Panel.

Incoming email from 6-25-11 interested in my Reselling Rackspace Cloud Sites service:

“Hi Stephen, I’m interested in your rackspace cloud site, I am still thinking which plan should I choose. I will contact you again when I made final decison, but I hope you can tell me how long will it need to set up for my account from your side? Thank you,xxxxxxxxxxx”

Answer: Thanks so much for your interest and your question!
If I am at the computer with your information, then it just takes a few minutes to set up your account and your website. For your website the system will immediately generate a “testing” URL for you to FTP your files to and be able to see them on the web. Once your DNS propagates over (usually takes 48hrs) then everything you’ve uploaded to the testing URL will be visible at your own domain name.
So the answer basically is just a few minutes. But, I’ll need to be notified. And as I may only check my email once per day, you may need to call me or text me if you want more immediate service: (501)291-1375 (Google Voice) or (501)350-9115 Direct AT&T line to iPhone. Either will work for voice or text.
Or if that is not practical because you live out of the US, if you have a Facebook or a Twitter and you message me on there, it usually shows up as a “Push Notification” which pops up on my iPhone screen like a text.
My Facebook is http://facebook.com/stephenpickering
My Twitter is http://twitter.com/pickering (If you send an @ Reply to @Pickering, it should work like a text.)
*Note: You can check out my available plans HERE or HERE
*You can enter your info to open an account HERE.
*More FAQ is available HERE.
My phone number is (501)291-1375 call or text anytime
My Email is [email protected] 

Snail Mail:
Stephen Pickering
20 Avignon Court
Little Rock, AR. 72223






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