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Hi, Welcome to my site. I’m from¬†Little Rock,¬†Arkansas, and currently live here now. I’m a writer, a musician, and meditator among other things. I like reading fiction, philosophy, science, and poetry. I enjoy language in general and am currently studying Portuguese, Brazilian style and a little Russian. I like learning and meeting people from all walks of life. I like dabbling at arms length in technology. We like dividing these things up, but they are like different instruments in an orchestra, resounding a great symphony. Contact me anytime. I would enjoy building or being part of a community of like minded and unlike minded individuals sounding our own fortissimo.

Phone/Text: +1(501)291-1375

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Twitter: @Pickering

Facebook: Facebook.com/StephenPickering

Google+ : Stephen Pickering


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