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Brazilian Portuguese Phrases

Update 11/2/12

Beyond = “Além de.” – Like in the sentence “Além da Geometria” = Beyond Geometry.


Update: 10/25/12:

Just saw this one on my Facebook feed: “mesmo assim” = “even so”

Here’s the sentence I saw it in: “Amiga, mesmo assim o navio sai?” = Friend, even so, the ship leaves?”

The context was a hurricane was coming and the “friend” was leaving on a cruise in Florida.

Also this “Oi, galera!” is like “Hi, everyone!” Another interesting way to say this in the Northeast of Brazil (Um Nordestino) is “Oxente!”

Or you could simply say, “Oi, gente!” which I think is the same thing.



So I thought I’d use this page as a repository for new Portuguese phrases I learn from friends online. I’m studying Brazilian Portuguese with Pimsleur audio lessons.

So I met a new friend on Orkut and I said, as I learned in my lessons:

Muito prazer em conhece-la! Tudo bem? Which means “Very nice to meet you! (to a girl. To a guy it would be “conhece-lo.”) All good?

And she responds

o prazer é todo meu! e tá tudo bem sim, e você? The pleasure is all mine! And it is all good, and you?

I’m getting ‘Tudo’ and ‘todo’ kind of mixed up. I need to check my dictionary. Notice the Brazilians shorten esta to simply ta much of the time.

sim! e ela disse o mesmo sobre você haha : So that would be “Yes! and she said the same about you”

Acho que ela faz isso com todos! “I think she does this with everyone!”

So, I’m gathering here todos=”everyone”

mesmo que ele esteja bem ruim ultimamente = “even though it is pretty bad lately”

Mesmo is a word that confuses me. Sometimes it means “the same” other times it means something like “Even though” and then there’s times I don’t know what it means!

“o importante é querer aprender 🙂 = the importance is (notice its not “esta” here. This always confuses me.) to want to learn.”


Brazilian Portuguese Phrases:

  • Just now – “agora a pouco” as in “I took a shower just now”  “Eu tomei agora a pouco”
  • News? – “Novidades?”
  • What have you been doing? (As in “lately”?) – O que voce andou fazendo?


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