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FAQ-My Rackspace Cloud Sites Re-Selling Packages

*Also check out the Official Rackspace Cloud Sites Support Page which includes all kinds of information, including it's own FAQ page, articles, videos, and a searchable knowledge base.  *Call me, email me, or text me: (501)291-1375 or [email protected] Q: We have been looking at your basic rack space package & wonder if you could clear up how many separate domains we could host? Is it one domain per package or a set amount? A: You can put as many domains as you want on there, and I would only charge you extra if you're account as a whole exceeded the limits (meaning on disk space, compute cycles, and bandwidth), except on the "Mini" plan where the limitation is 2 domains. Here's a good one! Solid, basic, and to the point! Q: Are you still reselling rackspace cloud sites? A: Yes! Q: If I start off with the basic plan and find its not big enough, can I move up to an advanced plan without taking my site off line? A: Yes, I can change your plan without it affecting your site. I just click on your site, change the plan that's applied to it, and that's it. Nothing touches your site or database. Q: How big are the mailboxes? A: The mailboxes are 1GB each. So it's important, every once in a while to go in there and clean them up. Because I've instances with my own mail and a clients' that not only will they stop working at that point (as far as getting new mail and or importing to gmail etc., but at that point even some of the normal functioning of the box can be hampered, making it quite a task to get the box back functioning. On one client, who's had overflown, I basically had to download the mail onto a local client with the condition that the local client would delete the server side copy. That freed up the box enough to where we could use its normal functions. Q:  Hi,  I saw that you are reselling couldsites for Rackspace. I’m interested. I have three or four websites right now. I’d like each of these to have its own public IP address. Is this possible with your hosting? A: Unfortunately no. With Cloud Sites, the ip address given is the ip for the server and not just the domain in question. This feature is available with Rackspace’s “Cloud Servers” product, however. Q: What are "Compute Cycles"? A: Think of it like this: 1 compute cycle would power about 1100 static, html hits to your site or about 200 database driven hits (ie, if your using a CRM app like WordPress, Drupal, etc.) Q:  Before I start migrating my sites across, I was wondering how successful your web hosting venture is and more specifically, whether it's a long term venture? A:  Ah, good question. I have 14 clients. So, I'm not making a living on it, but it's enough to pay for what I'm doing. I started about a year ago, so it seems like I'm getting about one new client a month. I thought of doing some advertising and trying to make it a "real" business a while back, but adwords for webhosting are so expensive, and then I thought I'd rather just put my energy into my interests, grow my own site and music, etc. Even if I get no more customers, I'm not planning on leaving because I always need my own sites, and I doubt I won't continue to get new customers because just from regular Google search I get several people looking at my offer a day. Q: Hi, I was planning to start on Cloud Hosting as business in India. I am looking reseller account feature like 100 GB / Unlimited Email Account / Unlimited Domain Hosting and Unlimited Bandwidth. Will you able to provide this package. A: Thanks for the inquiry. I'm unsure of your question. Are you wanting to resell Cloud Hosting to individuals and companies like I am doing? What I'm doing is buying a $149/mo Rackspace Cloud Site and reselling in smaller chunks to individuals. Now, I don't know about other providers, but Rackspace doesn't offer unlimited. For the $149 you get 50GB of storage, 500GB of bandwidth, and 10,000 compute cycles per month. So I carve that up and add some margin into smaller plans. The only way you could offer unlimited is if you only allowed one domain per account and then gambled that they didn't go over. This is the strategy that most webhosts use when they tell you "unlimited" And it does work, because most customers that you sign up won't use but a small percentage of resources for each domain. Just guessing but probably 1 out 10 will user over their amount and cost you money, but then you'll make your money on the other 9. This is just my rough guess, so don't base your business decisions on me, but I'm just giving you the knowledge that I think. I haven't used this strategy. If you look at my plans there is a set amount, but I let customers have unlimited domains per account. Then I tell them there will be a charge if there is an overage. But maybe in the future I will consider this strategy. It is a gamble, however. Well, I hope this helps. Thanks for your question. Let me know if you have any other questions, or if there is something else I can help you with.
Kindest Regards,
Stephen Pickering
Q: I host my own DNS, in moving to rackspace do I have to use the rackspace dns? How much control do I get using their dns system. I sometimes need to add/delete a/mx records all the time. Do I get access to mysql? If so how many databases can I have and does that add to my compu cycles?
A:Great questions. Actually I don't think any of my clients are using Rackspace as their DNS, including me. My DNS is still 1&1.com (I've been too lazy to switch it!) and then I just point the DNS to dns1.stabletransit.com and dns2.stabletransit.com which are Rackspace's nameservers.
Unfortunately on the second question, you don't get any direct control yourself of DNS or MX records. I'd have to do that for you, which of course I don't mind doing it. I've changed a lot of client's MX records for them, but I understand that's kind of a bummer. I wish they did allow clients to do it themselves. I'm not sure what their reasoning on that is. If you bought 24/7 support which they bill me an extra 3 bucks per month for (and which I bill clients $4) you could either call them directly or open a live chat and have them do it for you too.
Yeah, you do get access to MySQL. Those you do create on your own and you make your own separate username and password for those. I can add support for up to 5 DB's per domain, and I don't need to charge you any extra for that. Compute Cycles I'm a little murky on. It says on their site that 1 compute cycle equal about 200 Database driven hits or 1100 html static hits. So I presume that the more databases you have and when they are working it will eat up more CCs. I can jump on a chat or call them if you want a more detailed answer. Also the data on the DB's does count against your total disk space.
Well, I hope I've answered everything. If there is anything you want me to specifically ask Rackspace themselves, its no problem.
Q: Hi, I'm interested in you cloud hosting service. Just wondering if they have a admin panel eg. cpanel or similar or are they just a a basic linux server?
A: Hi, Nathan, thanks for the question. Yes, they have a Cloud Sites Control Panel. It's located at http://www.websitesettings.com Inside there is info on your website/s email, FTP settings, permissions, you can set up a database in there (just takes a minute) shows your contact info and also your usage reports. Also if you chose to purchase 24x7 support (it's $4.00/mo extra) there would be a tab in there where you could open a live chat with Rackspace Technicians themselves. If you have any other questions please let me know. Love to have you as a client.
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