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All of my songs are also available on regular (ad-supported) Youtube. Here’s a playlist of the current 5 songs I have released as of this writing. I have a separate Youtube channel, but you can follow just my song releases there at this link: Follow all of My Song Releases on Youtube. It will also constantly be updated automatically with every new release. So, if you are a fan of my work, you’ll always have it up to date right there for free even if you aren’t a subscriber to to a streaming service. If you search “Stephen Pickering” on Youtube (which I did just now 8/8/20 the first thing that comes up is my personal channel (that’s actually the first time that’s ever happened for me. There are a number of Stephen Pickering’s around the world, and my channel is usually 10th or so down the line. The one you want to look for if you are just interested in my music releases is called “Stephen Pickering – Topic.” That’s currently as I write this 3rd down the line. When you choose Distrokid as your distributor and you allow them to release on Youtube, that’s a special channel they create for you. I think it’s pretty nice.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to email, text, or dm me on all the networks. Love to hear from you!

Email: [email protected]
Email 2 (It shows up in my Gmail anyway) : [email protected]
iPhone: (U.S.) 501-350-9115 (Text or leave a message. Or who knows, maybe I’ll even pick up!)
Google Voice: (501) 291-1375 (Same difference. Rings my iPhone.) Added features of alerting my email, cloud voice box, added to Google Hangouts, etc.
DM me on Twitter: @Pickering
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cherrybarkrecords
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephenpickering5/


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