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Reselling Rackspace Cloud Sites™

Also check out cloudsites.stephenpickering.com which is a dedicated site for my offering of selling Cloud Sites in “smaller chunks.” It also demonstrates how easy it is to set up a sub-domain within Cloud Sites. Cloud Sites are easy to use, 100% fully managed on the server side by the premier name in managed hosting, Rackspace, and yet powerful. Indeed, Powerful enough to host some of the world’s biggest sites, such as GDGT.com. This gives you the freedom to do what you do best, and let the experts in hosting worry about the rest.



Mini Plan – $4.99/mo

  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 10 GB of Bandwidth Per Month (*Only Outbound is Counted on All Plans.)
  • 10 POP accounts
  • 200 Compute Cycles Per Month*
  • Up to 2 Domains per Account.
  • Additional Bandwidth: As much as you need for 50¢ per GB
  • Additional Storage: As much as you need for $1.00 per GB
  • Additional Compute Cycles: As many as you need for 2¢ per compute cycle (See below to learn about Compute Cycles)
  • Maximum of 2 Domains. (Within the scope of the plan.)

paypalsubBasic Plan$9.99/Mo

  • 2.5 GB Disk Space
  • 25 GB Bandwidth
  • 25 POP accounts
  • 500 Compute Cycles Per Month*
  • Up to 5 Domains per Account.
  • Additional Bandwidth: As much as you need for 50¢ per GB
  • Additional Storage: As much as you need for $1.00per GB
  • Additional Compute Cycles: As many as you need for 2¢ per compute cycle (See below to learn about Compute Cycles)
  • Unlimited Domains (Within the scope of the plan. Charges for overages would accrue for the account as a whole.)

paypalsubAdvanced Plan $19.99/Mo

  • 5 GB Disk Storage
  • 50 GB Bandwidth Per Month
  • 50 POP Accounts
  • 1000 Compute Cycles Per Month*
  • Unlimited Domains Per Account.
  • Additional Bandwidth: As much as you need for 50¢ per GB
  • Additional Storage: As much as you need for $1.00 per GB
  • Additional Compute Cycles: As many as you need for 2¢ per compute cycle (See below to learn about Compute Cycles)
  • Unlimited Domains (Within the scope of the plan. Charges for overages would accrue for the account as a whole.)

*Compute Cycles: 1 compute cycle equals about 1100 static html hits and about 200 database driven hits to your site.

After subscribing, be sure and go HERE and fill out the info I need to set up your account.

Host Your Site with the Power of Cloud Computing

I’m Stephen Pickering of Little Rock, Arkansas. Give me a call or text any time at 501-350-9115 if you have any questions about my service. Or you can email me at e:[email protected]

I offer hosting that is simple, affordable, flexible, and has superior performance than most managed shared hosts. The secret is in an advanced technology called “Cloud Hosting” which stores your data not on a single server shared by many others, but rather on multiple servers at once that automatically expands (known as “elasticity”) to meet your traffic needs without the worry of a single point of failure. All of your data is served from a cluster of servers, providing more flexibility, reliability, and performance. And the neat thing is, even with all this power under the hood, the most cutting edge technology, it’s as easy or maybe even easier to use than a shared host. A site can literally be provisioned in a matter of minutes. Scaling, elasticity, and clustering happen automatically without you having to do anything. Also you get local support from me, but if you want, for an extra $4.00/mo you can get 24/7 World Class Support from Rackspace Technicians themselves, working around the clock. You get a secure SSL connection to the Cloud Panel from which to manage your site. And not only is your data automatically stored on multiple servers, but there are 2 daily backups done at the Data Center as a whole.

I offer web hosting for those who already have their own sites, or know how to build them already (ie, WordPress, Drupal, iWeb, Dreamweaver, HTML, GoLive, Contribute, etc) and each site comes with at least one (let me know if you need more) database with the lastest up to date LAMP technology. (We can do Windows data bases, but there is an extra charge.) But if you also need someone to build your website, I am in partnership with a great web designer with over 10 years of experience building sites at Aristotle, who now has his own business with a long list of local clients. I can set you up with him for a local or web meeting where you can discuss your needs and get a quote.

I am stable, currently serving 30 paying monthly customers and adding about 1 new client a month from simple Google Search. I’m also a tech enthusiast and will be happy to help you in any way that I can.

No More Servers.

What’s the main benefit of hosting here over a shared host? If a thousand, 2 thousand, 50,000 people hit this site at once (my dream, right?) it won’t break. Load balancing and clustering will expand to meet the need. Without you having to do anything. Many shared managed hosts smush your site with as many others as they can on a single server with access to only one processor and RAM. The more sites they add, the slower and slower that server becomes. Not Rackspace Cloud Sites. Your data is stored across a cluster of many servers and expands automatically to meet your traffic needs, while eliminating the worry over a single point of failure. No server maintenance headaches to worry about. Rackspace worries about that with 24/7 monitoring of their World Class data centers. All LAMP technologies are kept in pristine up to date latest secure, stable releases. You can sleep at night, while your website simply runs. Without you having to worry about anything except your site itself, it takes just seconds to provision a site and database. Elasticity and clustering happen automatically. The Data Centers are located right next to the internet backbone itself for added high speed reliability. Get a slot on on a $149 Rackspace Cloud Site with the benefits of advanced Cloud Technology for the price of a managed shared host.

*Compute Cycles: 1 compute cycle equals about 1100 static html hits and about 200 database driven hits to your site.

Take me to the sign up page!

+1(501)291-1375    [email protected]

You can create a new Rackspace Cloud powered site in less than five minutes. Load balancing, clustering, and redundant storage are all inherited by your application automatically, without any effort.

Right from the second you upload your websites to Rackspace Cloud Sites™, your sites are hosted on advanced clustered cloud computing technology designed for high-performance. When your site outgrows what’s included, you pay inexpensive scale pricing for exactly what you use on the cloud and nothing more.

You’d be getting a slot on the full $149 Rackspace Cloud Site offering. This is all certified by Rackspace itself. They make it easy for owners of the full $149 Cloud Site to resell smaller portions of it. The customer is an official customer and enjoys a secure username and password to the control panel to configure his or her site/database. One can have unlimited domains on Cloud Sites, and the Control Panel makes it easy to provision a new site almost instantly. Call me or go to the sign up page to get started today!

(501)291-1375 [email protected]

Powered by Rackspace Cloud Computing

Powered by Rackspace Cloud Computing

Want your site on a scalable “cloud” architecture?30-day We can have your site up and running, harnessing the power of server “clustering” like Google does. And at a price that’s not much higher than a shared hosting plan. Instead of your site having to fight for resources when they are most needed, an army of resources are always on standby ready to fight for it.

The main benefit of hosting your blog or website on the cloud instead of a dedicated server, or even worse a managed host in which you are having to share access to the RAM with many other sites that they are cramming you on with? Elasticity. If your traffic spikes, your server will expand to 1, 3, 10 or however many servers are needed to handle it. This is true of even the $9.95 package. It’s the same technology as the $149/mo full cloud site. And if for some reason you use more bandwith (remember only outbound bandwidth is counted, meaning hits to your site) than the package includes (nice problem to have) it’s only 50 cents per GB of overage. That’s the most efficient way possible to grow as well as getting the elasticity that always running for you in the background.


Call or text me on my Google Voice (501)291-1375, email me at [email protected], or hit me up on Twitter if you are interested or have anymore questions.

Here’s more information about Rackspace Cloud Sites

A brief history of Rackspace Cloud Sites (formerly “Mosso”).

*What are compute cycles?

Compute cycles measure how much processing time your applications require on the Rackspace Cloud. Using 10,000 compute cycles in a month is roughly equivalent to running a server with a 2.8 GHz modern processor for the same period of time.

How many compute cycles will my applications use?

Since web applications vary so greatly, it’s hard to make a perfect guess. However, there are some guidelines that can help. First, you can think of 10,000 compute cycles as being about the same processing power as you’d get from a decent dedicated server or Amazon EC2 instance. For example 10,000 compute cycles would power:

  • about 2.1 million page views using a database-driven content management system
  • about 11 million page views of rackspacecloud.com
  • about 25 million requests for a static 15KB image

How do I track my compute cycle usage?

The compute cycles you use are presented in your control panel in near real time.

What goes in to calculating a compute cycle?

Mostly, CPU processing time. However, compute cycles also account for the disk I/O your application’s operations consume. For example, a page with heavy database queries will consume more compute cycles in part due to the larger volume of disk I/O it requires.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rackspace Cloud Sites

What is Cloud Hosting?

Ready to Get Started?

I’ve already got a Rackspacecloud Site provisioned. All I have to do is add your site to it and you’ll be able to create a username and password for your own secure access to the Cloud Site’s control panel. Just contact me or go directly to the sign up page to see the information I need to get you going, and fill it out and submit it if you have decided to purchase.

Stephen Pickering
20 Avignon Court
Little Rock, AR. 72223
Telephone: +1(501)291-1375
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Pickering


description=”David Ponce of OhGizmo.com describes the benefits of hosting on Rackspace Cloud Sites”

David Ponce of OhGizmo.com describes some of the many benefits of hosting on Rackspace Cloud Sites over a shared managed host and even a stand alone server.

*NOTE: This site you’re looking at, StephenPickering.com, is a WordPress Installation on a Cloud Site. With the automatic load balancing and elastic scaling features, it’s sort of like having the benefits and ease of use of a Squarespace site, except for using WordPress.

Video: @scobleizer talking with the “Cloud Guy” at Rackspace @bpiatt about the benefits of the Cloud.

Take me to the sign up page now!

Need more information? Email me: [email protected] or Phone or Text me: 501-291-1375   (Outside of the U.S. dial +1 first). Or here’s my more detailed CONTACT PAGE.

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6 responses to “Reselling Rackspace Cloud Sites™”

  1. manny Avatar


    1. my application is using SQL Server 2008 R2
    ( in asp.net 4.0)
    can i use cloudsites with you?
    2. Would you have access to my code and database?
    3. Lately rackspace stopped customer service to customers of resellers.

    1. Stephen Pickering Avatar

      Hi Manny,

      Thank you so much for your questions.

      1.) Yes, you may use ASP.NET 4.0 with Cloud Sites. It’s not automatically activated. But I can make a request and have it enabled for your site.
      2.) Technically I would have access to your code since your FTP username and password are the same as your Cloudsites account log in, but I would not have access to your database, as that is a separately created log in and password for each database that you would create within your account.
      3.) Yes, I know. But of course I am more than happy to forward any technical questions you may have directly to Rackspace on your behalf. And I would give you my phone number in case you needed something immediately.

      I hope this answers your questions satisfactorily. Let me know if you have any more.

      Stephen Pickering

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