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226lbs – Lost 4lbs in 5 Days!

Eat less calories than you burn. Get an app to help you keep track.

Look at me! Give me attention! Isn’t that what it’s all about these days?

Well that’s the “shadow” part of what’s going on, but still, if something you are doing, some part of your story is of benefit to others, or even telling your story is of benefit to you, by recording it, writing it down (Don’t all the success books tell you to write things down?) then the benefits to society of the internet far outweigh the egotistical sides of it.

Well I’ve eaten about the same thing the last four days. If I get up early enough, boiled eggs, toast with sugar free strawberry jam, orange juice. Lunch is a half sandwich made at Krogers and packaged with an apple and a glass of at free milk. Dinner is one of those Stouffer’s frozen dinners. They are generally 400-450 calories with a Sugar Free Verve to drink or once again milk.

I’ve been averaging about 1100 calories a day, which is too little, and 4lbs in 5 days is too fast, but I haven’t been starving myself. When I’m hungry I eat, but simply conscious of how many calories in the meal.

The iPhone app certainly helps. Maybe it’s the key in getting me kick started. Forever I’ve been thinking, “I’ll start the ‘Body for Life’ program next week.” But that’s such a large undertaking of planning and getting everything ready it created a roadblock.

The app has got me started. Got me excited of success with immediate results. I feel like from here I can gradually move into more “Body for Life” features.

I can’t stress enough how I feel the value of a meal including a protein and a carb. Even in smaller portions it makes me feel more satisfied than just having an apple by itself, for instance.

I’m also taking advantage of those Myoplex Nutrition shakes in time limited situations. And the key there is they contain protein and carbs which keep me feeling satisfied and good to go for a few hours.







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