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228lbs – Yeah!

I wish I'd snapped a shot of my scale, but this road sign image will have to do

Well, I don’t know if I’ve lost 2lbs in 2 days, but this what the scale said this morning. My only insight would be, my sense is that if you’re just patient with your hunger pangs, after 20 minutes or so, your liver will release the stored up energy in your fat (I think it’s called glycogen) and they will gradually disapate. Now I’m not trying to starve myself. I’m eating, but just smaller portions (a half sandwich instead of a whole one for instance), and I really don’t feel hunger pangs in the day. Just late at night, when I’m ready to go to sleep. Maybe try a sleep aid (Make sure it’s safe! Check with your doctor!). I’ve taken Advil PM the last couple of nights because I have knee pain anyway, and it’s put me to sleep.

Also, when I’m eating my smaller portions, I tell myself, “If your hungry again, go ahead and eat again in 2 or 3 hours.” That seems to give me some subconscious relief, and also eating smaller portions but more frequently speeds up your metabolism and keeps your insulin levels (hence mood) more stable. When your insulin levels are more stable throughout the day it tells your body its okay to burn fat instead of trying to hold on to it.







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