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Category: Health & Fitness

  • Meditation: A Guide, Resource, and Encouragement

    “The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti I think about meditation a lot, and even as I write this, I realize the irony of that statement. Still, even after a long practice, one can become “jaded” and pretty soon even your meditation sessions can come to seem […]

  • On Ego, What it Is, What it Does, and How to Cure It

    “Because the conscious mind has to be in control, even though it doesn’t know anything.” – Dolores Cannon [Youtube Link] I’ve heard Dolores say in other interviews that the Conscious Mind is the Ego. That makes the definition pretty simple. If that is the case then the cure would seem to be spending more time […]

  • 200lbs – 30lbs Lost in 3 Months

    Hey I was so happy to have reached 200lbs! Just a few weeks ago it seemed so far away! Anyway although my rate of loss has decreased, overall I began this program on March 10th, so that’s almost exactly 30lbs in 3 months or 10lbs a month. Going forward I don’t expect to lose at […]

  • 210lbs – 20lbs in 7 Weeks

    So that’s 3lbs per week. I guess that’s good. Everything sort of reverts to the mean. It seems like I zoomed from 215 to 211, but then it took a week to get from 211 to 210. I guess that’s how it goes. No rhyme or reason sometimes. But at least if you look at […]

  • 215lbs

    Finally! Seemed like I was stuck on 216 forever, but now that I look at it, I’ve lost 15lbs in about a month. So that makes me feel good. That would get me to my goal in just over two months from now which excites me. I was talking to my sister yesterday, and we […]

  • 220lbs- 10lbs Lost in Under Three Weeks

    Yeah! Well, I didn’t want to really blog every pound or did I? Maybe if I had something so say at every pound, but I thought 10lbs and 220lbs was an important milestone. Not really. Just eat less calories than you burn. Which is easy but tricky. The iPhone app helps a lot. Writing it […]