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222lbs- 8lbs Lost in 2 Weeks.

Finally I made some progress to 222lbs. Felt like I was stuck on 224 forever.

Well this is cool. Seemed like I got to 224 really fast and then couldn’t budge from there for a while. Kind of frustrated me for a few days. I was counting calories diligently and always under for the day, but I still felt bloated and the scales didn’t budge. Finally yesterday and today they did. That was rewarding. I started taking 30 minute walks with my dogs every day since Spring has sprung. That feels good to get some exercise. I want to gradually increase it until I’m doing full workouts at the gym. I want those coveted “ironing board” or “six-pack” abs. I just want to know what that feels like. So obviously losing weight is not the most important thing. It’s losing fat. Plus, I learned that the more muscle you build the faster your metabolism burns. It has to burn faster just to keep up with the overall increase in muscle, keeping that muscle built. But I think losing those first few pounds to get some momentum going is important for morale. Getting some feedback on the scales.

I think I went at it too hard in the beginning, hungry for results. I was only having about 1100 calories a day. Now I’m having more like 1500-1800.

Interesting thing about this app: When I first programmed my numbers it gave me a calorie “budget” of just over 1800 calories. Then as I’ve lost a few pounds my new “budget” has decreased to 1799. That’s cool if it adjusts automatically like that.

My diet has been pretty much the same. 3 boiled eggs and toast (whole wheat) at breakfast, half sandwich (freshly made at the Kroger deli and packaged) & apple for lunch, then one of those Stouffer frozen dinners at dinner. Those are usually around 400-450 calories. I’ll drink water, fat free milk or a Sugar free Verve with those meals. Then later at night I might have a Chocolate Myo-Plex shake with fat free milk and a banana.

Looks like I started this on March 10th. So I’m right at the 2 week mark and 8lbs lost.








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