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200lbs – 30lbs Lost in 3 Months

Photo a little "grainy" cause I always have to use the front facing 1megapixel camera on iPhone to take properly positioned 'portraits'. Hate that!

Hey I was so happy to have reached 200lbs! Just a few weeks ago it seemed so far away! Anyway although my rate of loss has decreased, overall I began this program on March 10th, so that’s almost exactly 30lbs in 3 months or 10lbs a month. Going forward I don’t expect to lose at the rate. Actually it makes me kind of stressed to expect it. I think going forward a pound, pound and half a week would be satisfactory. I think losing that first 10 a little faster is normal because you’re so miserable and you want some feedback fast!

OMG, I ate chocolate cake today! But that’s ok, it’s Sunday. Giving yourself one “free” day is a good thing. I’m actually back dating this post because I reached 200 last Friday, but didn’t get around to posting until today. I’d like to do a post comparing the photos from 220, 210, and now to see if I can see a difference.

Now that I think of it, would have been cool to do a photo per day and make a video of to see the changes.

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210lbs – 20lbs in 7 Weeks

210lbs. Another milestone to document. Do I look thinner?

So that’s 3lbs per week. I guess that’s good. Everything sort of reverts to the mean. It seems like I zoomed from 215 to 211, but then it took a week to get from 211 to 210. I guess that’s how it goes. No rhyme or reason sometimes. But at least if you look at it from a perspective you can see overall progress and feel motivated.

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215lbs. An important milestone. Next stop 210!

Finally! Seemed like I was stuck on 216 forever, but now that I look at it, I’ve lost 15lbs in about a month. So that makes me feel good. That would get me to my goal in just over two months from now which excites me.

I was talking to my sister yesterday, and we both agreed that when it comes to losing weight, you just gotta go with what works for you. I’m numbers oriented, so counting calories was a good way for me. Others may prefer a more holistic approach. It’s just whatever gets you motivated.

I think the important thing for me, and maybe for everyone is just getting off the dime. The iPhone app and counting, seeing it digitally displayed is what helped get me off the dime, but once I got moving and saw some results I’ve sort of settled into a “coast” mode. I’ve been eating similar things, so I haven’t been entering every calorie as much any more. In other words, once you do a while of “counting” per se, you start getting a “feel” for how much you’ve had and it gets easier. Also, after you’ve made some real progress, you don’t mind relaxing and having a “sweet” now and then. It doesn’t throw you off because you know you’ve made good progress and will continue to do so. You start getting a feel for what works for you, and there’s not so much stress once you’ve got the ball rolling. So that’s why I think getting off the dime, starting, no matter what your strategy is, is the most important thing.

What motivates you to get started?

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220lbs- 10lbs Lost in Under Three Weeks

An important milestone to record. 10lbs lost. 220lbs. (From 230)

Yeah! Well, I didn’t want to really blog every pound or did I? Maybe if I had something so say at every pound, but I thought 10lbs and 220lbs was an important milestone.

Not really. Just eat less calories than you burn. Which is easy but tricky. The iPhone app helps a lot. Writing it down. Keeping track, but you still have to know how many calories are in a meal.

I’ll probably have to move into the Livestrong app as I start eating at restaurants and such. At least to identify how many calories are in certain meals.

I’ll let you know how that goes. For now I’m still using the Lose It! app, which I feel a certain loyalty to. It got me here!

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222lbs- 8lbs Lost in 2 Weeks.

Finally I made some progress to 222lbs. Felt like I was stuck on 224 forever.

Well this is cool. Seemed like I got to 224 really fast and then couldn’t budge from there for a while. Kind of frustrated me for a few days. I was counting calories diligently and always under for the day, but I still felt bloated and the scales didn’t budge. Finally yesterday and today they did. That was rewarding. I started taking 30 minute walks with my dogs every day since Spring has sprung. That feels good to get some exercise. I want to gradually increase it until I’m doing full workouts at the gym. I want those coveted “ironing board” or “six-pack” abs. I just want to know what that feels like. So obviously losing weight is not the most important thing. It’s losing fat. Plus, I learned that the more muscle you build the faster your metabolism burns. It has to burn faster just to keep up with the overall increase in muscle, keeping that muscle built. But I think losing those first few pounds to get some momentum going is important for morale. Getting some feedback on the scales.

I think I went at it too hard in the beginning, hungry for results. I was only having about 1100 calories a day. Now I’m having more like 1500-1800.

Interesting thing about this app: When I first programmed my numbers it gave me a calorie “budget” of just over 1800 calories. Then as I’ve lost a few pounds my new “budget” has decreased to 1799. That’s cool if it adjusts automatically like that.

My diet has been pretty much the same. 3 boiled eggs and toast (whole wheat) at breakfast, half sandwich (freshly made at the Kroger deli and packaged) & apple for lunch, then one of those Stouffer frozen dinners at dinner. Those are usually around 400-450 calories. I’ll drink water, fat free milk or a Sugar free Verve with those meals. Then later at night I might have a Chocolate Myo-Plex shake with fat free milk and a banana.

Looks like I started this on March 10th. So I’m right at the 2 week mark and 8lbs lost.


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226lbs – Lost 4lbs in 5 Days!

Eat less calories than you burn. Get an app to help you keep track.

Look at me! Give me attention! Isn’t that what it’s all about these days?

Well that’s the “shadow” part of what’s going on, but still, if something you are doing, some part of your story is of benefit to others, or even telling your story is of benefit to you, by recording it, writing it down (Don’t all the success books tell you to write things down?) then the benefits to society of the internet far outweigh the egotistical sides of it.

Well I’ve eaten about the same thing the last four days. If I get up early enough, boiled eggs, toast with sugar free strawberry jam, orange juice. Lunch is a half sandwich made at Krogers and packaged with an apple and a glass of at free milk. Dinner is one of those Stouffer’s frozen dinners. They are generally 400-450 calories with a Sugar Free Verve to drink or once again milk.

I’ve been averaging about 1100 calories a day, which is too little, and 4lbs in 5 days is too fast, but I haven’t been starving myself. When I’m hungry I eat, but simply conscious of how many calories in the meal.

The iPhone app certainly helps. Maybe it’s the key in getting me kick started. Forever I’ve been thinking, “I’ll start the ‘Body for Life’ program next week.” But that’s such a large undertaking of planning and getting everything ready it created a roadblock.

The app has got me started. Got me excited of success with immediate results. I feel like from here I can gradually move into more “Body for Life” features.

I can’t stress enough how I feel the value of a meal including a protein and a carb. Even in smaller portions it makes me feel more satisfied than just having an apple by itself, for instance.

I’m also taking advantage of those Myoplex Nutrition shakes in time limited situations. And the key there is they contain protein and carbs which keep me feeling satisfied and good to go for a few hours.