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Quantum Wave Functions and Consciouness

This is an interesting picture when you think about how in the main Quantum picture, it is consciousness that somehow “freezes” matter into a definite state, that matter “responds” to consciousness. And everyone has had that experience where something truly amazing, or at least what they want happens, when they “take their mind off it” If every possible vibration and wave function exists, then somehow “taking our ‘mind’” off it for a while allows for more possibilities to “freeze” But I’m still not sure why having our mind on things usually ‘freezes’ negative outcomes, while ‘stilling’ the mind or consciouness, seems to bring forth mostly positive experiences. (I made this blog post because you know those sites that make you put in a password to approve your comment and then your comment ‘vanishes’ to wait for approval, and then you don’t know if you’ll see it again?)

From Deepak’s blog: http://www.deepakchopra.com/blog/view/353/life_after_death


I’m an academic neuropsychiatrist with deep interest in brain and mind. I only read 2 of your books, Buddha and Muhammad. What impressed me the most is your thorough understanding of the person in these figures. For me you seem to know that what is sacred is every moment we spend existing and not in what is “out there”. I don’t believe in god/gods or in religion and I feel that humans are miserable because they developed “consciousness”, an extension of the frontal lobe function that allowed awareness of time, what has passed and what to come, which created this eternal anxiety about life and death and all the complexity that followed. I think that the Buddha figured it out and gave us the only way to go through it with the least suffering. But when we die, we blend back to the energy in this universe, our soul is the set of experiences that we had and left traces behind, the noise of the working machine of our body and the products of that machine that is left behind. How far am I from the “Truth”!


Deepak Answer:
I don’t presume to know Truth with a capital “T”, but Buddha’s doctrine of freedom from suffering is premised on the idea of awakening from ignorance. This ignorance is the energetic pattern of our identity that keeps us in the cycle of reincarnation until we are fully enlightened. So while the raw material of our bodies is recycled on death, the energy of our individual consciousness is not united with the consciousness of the universe until the body of the enlightened person dies. As for what exactly that experience will be or won’t be, we’ll have to see.








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