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Received a New Cloud Site Sub Account Customer

I received a new Cloud Site Customer yesterday. A fellow named Josh Barker. He did a WordPress install for his wife’s site: http://www.dahliasfloral.com/

It’s a really great looking site. I’m envious! But I really appreciate the business and the kind words he wrote me at the end of yesterday:

“You are so quick- I really appreciate the responsiveness.  It was your responsiveness that enabled me to get my wife’s site up in a day!  You’re just as good, if not better than Rackspace’s support!



Also, I learned something from Josh that I didn’t know about Cloud Sites. As he is an ASP.NET developer he was able to inform me that Rackspace Cloud Sites could be enabled to run ASP.NET or as the Tech from Rackspace put it, whom I chatted with, I guess it’s also known simply as .NET 4.0.

I always knew that Cloud Sites could be enabled to run either Linux/PHP or Windows/.NET or actually have both technologies enabled on the same site, but I didn’t know that there was a special ‘flavor’ of .NET called ASP and that it could be enabled, upon special request, as a technology for your Rackspace Cloud Site.
Cool too know. And great to learn something new. Thanks again, Josh.
If you are interesting in purchasing a Cloud Site Sub-Account from me, here are my plans and pricing: https://stephenpickering.com/rackspace-cloud-sites/






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