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Work in Progress, “Take Me Home”

Take Me Home by spickeringlr

Like I said, I’ll just start posting things here, even when they are not finished. It seems I need to the motivation of getting it out there to do any real work on these tracks. I know that lack of patience and need are the Ego factor, but so be it for now. I’ve been really frustrated with this track. Still am. But I do think it has gotten better with each step, although I hate the fact that the process has been frustrating. I think I’ll work on putting out an EP, this and four other tracks. I’ve got plenty of material for 20 double albums, but I get so perfectionist with producing, it takes me forever and like I said, it becomes frustrating when the sound in your head isn’t able to realized in the recording. But I think I need to start playing these songs live. Let them breath and get some life. Then I think the natural arrangements will come more freely instead of having to “force” it. Take the songs I’ve written lately, learn them by heart, play and sing them emotionally, live, and I think I can move the ball forward. Oh, if you happen to like this track :-), you can download it by clicking that little down arrow on the right side of the player.

Please, by all means, give me feedback. Much appreciated!!!

“Take Me Home”

Take me home
Take me on
I’m better than I used to be
I’m better than I used to be

Now love’s gone wrong
And I’m out on my own
I’m older than I used to be
I’m colder than I used to be

But I’m not that same kid
Who ruined your game you did
And I know it’s hard
To be on your own

Laughter’s cry
That same goodbye
We don’t want it ‘till we have it made
We don’t own it ‘till it’s been to late

Summer’s dawn
Walk the streets of this town
I like it when its cold outside
I like it when there’s room to hide

But I’m not the same kid
Who ruined your game you did
I want to be in another
Womb that’s like the mother
And you know it’s hard to be alone

(Repeat first verse)







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