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Another Night, Another Song Idea, “After the Love is Gone”

After The Love is Gone by spickeringlr

They won’t leave me alone!!! I couldn’t even finish Saturday Night Live tonight with Charles Barkley for fear of forgetting it. And then I have this new thing, whenever I start a few lyrics I’m obsessed to finish the whole song. It’s a good habit, but annoying.

Here’s the first draft of lyrics:

After the love is gone
After the love is gone away
I need some place to hide
A secret guide to another place
With all that’s said and done
I still remember the fun we had
Tears and laughter too
All was possible with you
You taught me about myself
That there is something else to find
You helped me believe in me
Encouragement to realize my dream
And though it feels so empty without you
You gave me the strength to know what to do
All the love you gave to me
Allowed me to set my heart free
After the love is gone
After the love is gone away
There’s a sweet sadness
But priceless gift I’ve found a way
Won’t forget your eyes
They carried the bluest skies of faith
Yeah sometimes I’m blue
But I carry you in my heart always
So after the loving’s gone
I always will be strong though its through
The fire’s still burning bright
All through the winter’s night ’cause of you.






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