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How to Put Space Before the First Paragraph in WordPress

    I searched and searched for this, how to put space before a beginning of a paragraph in WordPress, or in other words to skip a line or more before the first paragraph, and I couldn't find anything that worked. It was so nerve wracking that something so simple could be complicated. I was wanting it because I was experimenting with Ads above the content like it says on Google's Heat Map. But whenever I placed those ads the text would wrap, and in this case it was really weird because the text would snake up between the two ads. But the normal tag for a new paragraph or for a line break don't work in this case. Those only work after some text has been initially written, to cause space. Put those in before any text has been written, and WordPress simply wipes them out. Isn't that crazy? Why should something so basic and simple be this crazy? Well anyway the only thing I found that worked was this code:
And then remember this. Save it without looking at the visual editor. I've found that if you look at the visual editor before you save it, it'll wipe it out. This will get you one line of space before any text begins. Depending on what your doing, in my case putting two large image ads at top, you may have to use a lot of them. Here is a link to the forum where I found this solution. There's a lot of other solutions in there including using that above code above once, and then using the <p> tag as often as you want, but that didn't do anything for me. Some people said different things worked for them, so you might check it out. Well, then, and that comes to the ads themselves. I found another charming site that taught me how to put them up there and having them look nice and tight and side by side, and then automatically creating that space for me. I'll write about that in another post, or when I'm less tired.






2 responses to “How to Put Space Before the First Paragraph in WordPress”

  1. Stephen Pickering Avatar

    Oh that’s great Dianna! Glad I could help. Yes, it is kind of a pain, and sometimes even in the middle of the text even when I hit the paragraph return it won’t give me a space, and I have to use it there as well.

    The only problem is that when you use it, if you happen to go back to “Visual” view in your editor it’ll somehow wipeout the code in the html and you have to re-insert it. I wish they would fix this!

    But oh well, at least we have something we can do!



  2. Dianna Avatar

    Believe it or not, i just found your web-site by typing in a search on how to insert a space before a text in WordPress.
    And you had the answer, and it worked the first time.
    THANK YOU!! Much appreciated!

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