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The Lovely Couple

Honey, let’s grow our own branch.
Let’s give the white tiger of our hearts a second chance.
Let’s look into the woods and be still.
Lose all we learned, and do it by feel.

All right you’re wrong. Wanna’ to know why?
All night long you hold courtship with the phantom sky.
You brace the breach and clutch the straw
And wonder why everything comes out wrong.

You’re a thespian with your speech.
It’s something I can’t hold out and reach.
I’ve tried with my song
But sadly it just lopes and lopes along.

OK, be a ruler with your king.
I won’t hold back a thing.
I’ll teach you to draw and do studious things.
I’ll teach you to whisper to the mountain and the breeze.

Finally, at last, in the darkness we’ve reached our peak.
A little boy in the drawer raises his head out to see.
His face is covered in lashes.
His cheeks are blanch, spotted with rashes.

My kingdom for a good eye!
The riders mount with their fellows to the sky.
They know how it is down and out.
In Paris and London and all about.

I’d like to take you outside and shout.
But I dare not let darkness out.
He’s a snake whispering to his lover the dark.
A small minded man willing to ransom my only spark.

Oh, how I wish you wouldn’t see
The little man who’s running inside of me.
He’s a traitor I tell you. Don’t believe a thing!
If you do, I swear, I’m gonna take back that corn blue sapphire ring!

Cutlet sized blazers and ribbon shaped hills.
They keep us haunting this house recklessly in chills.
I’d sign you out, but you wouldn’t last
You’d thrash around hysterically screaming about the past.

You’re a duckly little darling aren’t you?
Heart shaped whisper, streaming lake colored eyes.
Who wouldn’t imagine an ocean looking at that radiant blue?
Will it do any good if I throw away all of the signs?

I want to thank you for being here this evening.
It’s a drama we couldn’t have done without you.
Little birds take your seats and be still
We promise what we say will be real.

Longers, long for your garden covered roses then.
We’ll be back if there’s room at the inn.
Make it cozy, fresh coffee and bread
And all the things King Solomon had by his bed.

Beads and roses of rubies and stone
Don’t bother us too early. We want to be alone.
Stop crying in your castle when we’re not to blame.
Each year we come back and its always the same.

Oh lovely, I touch your soft place.
It’s a bed of roses, your other face.
Be humble and proud and laugh out loud.
Once their done with us, we’ll just be another face in the crowd.

We stand upside down on the surface of the sky.
I can already see them waving their hands goodbye.
“They’re like Angels,” they scream, “Hold them to their words.”
But its too late. We escape their providence and fly away like birds.







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