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How to Find Saved Passwords in Safari 4

If you can’t remember a password for a website (or anything else for that matter), all your passwords are saved in the Keychain Access utility (which probably isn’t news to you), but the cool thing is you can do a Spotlight search from right within Keychain to quickly find the password you’re looking for.

Start by looking inside your Applications folder for the Utilities folder, and inside of that double-click on Keychain Access. When it opens you’ll see a search field in the upper-right corner. Type the name of the site you’re looking for, and it will appear. Double-click on the result and an info dialog will appear, and to see your password, turn on the show Password checkbox.

Courtesy of the Apple website : http://www.apple.com/pro/tips/password.html

7 responses to “How to Find Saved Passwords in Safari 4”

  1. I once found out my lost iTunes backup password via keychain. However, there is not always that lucky. Another option is UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker, which is quite smart to recover lost password of iTunes backup file.

  2. When i open Keychain, select a site for which I ‘m seeking my password, I get the box for the site – but when I check the box for “show password” I GET ANOTHER BOX ASKING ME TO ENTER A PASSWORD!! What password do they want me to enter to get the password I am seeking? My computer password? My gmail password? I’ve tried ALL these passwords, but then I get another message saying “password entered is invalid” and then, “this item is restricted.”

    What kind of infinite loop is this? A password (unknown) to find a password!

    • Hey, thanks for the heads up. I just checked mine and it did the same thing! So then, just on a whim, I did a software update for OSX, restarted and everything seems back to normal. So, you may try that. When’s the the last time you did a software update for OSX? That seems to have worked for me. What’s weird is how Chrome seems to be interlinked with Keychain. For instance, none of my Chrome passwords were there either. I couldn’t even log into this blog. Usually it auto fills, but it was blank, and then looking in Password manager, which is a bitch to find in the latest Chrome update, everything was completely empty. I always thought the Chrome Password manager was independent of the Keychain manager. But anyway, mine works now after the OSX update. Let me know if that works for you. And thanks for the comment.

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