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Resize GIF Animations for Your Site

That Columbia writing School ad to the right there was too wide to fit in my sidebar. I Googled how to resize it. Thought it would be an easy no brainer. Well, actually I tried it first with Picnik, a service I love and highly recommend, but with the GIF animation after I resized it, it came back as a frozen image, no animation and littered with dots. No go. Google came up with two online services that looked promising, but neither service would accept my file for some reason. Then I kept digging and found a freeware program called Imagemagick. But its like a command line program. I mean geeky to the nth degree. I downloaded it, but, hell, I couldn’t even figure out how to open a command line on this Mac. I’m sure its a wonderful product, but you got to be like a programmer to figure out how to make it work. It filled my disk space with about a hundred geeky files, but no where did I see where you could actually open the program!

Anyway this morning more Googleing, stumbled upon a message board, where someone posted the same question, and one guy answered:

I suggest to make it simple: <img width=”##” height=”##”>

Well, I really had no hope of it working because I’d tried the “align” tag a gillion different ways and nothing budged.

But I inserted it anyway to the right of the img src an Walla! And as you can see it worked! 2 days of head bashing, pulling my hair out, and one simple line of html does the trick!

Gotta give credit where credit is due. A certain Rokec on this message board here. Thanks Rokec, you rock! And Google of course, but in an ideal search engine this simple solution would have shown up on the top of results.

Hope this helps someone like me. Now if someone could tell me how to stop my 1 year old Mac to stop beachballing all the time I would much appreciate. Do I simply need more RAM? I’ve got 2 gigs. One would think that would be enough, but its taken me forever to write this one little post and its very frustrating.






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