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1938media: My Mother, My Wife, Kirstie Alley, And Jenny Craig

By Loren Feldman and 1938media.

This guy Loren Feldman is funny as shit. I love this bit. Love his Mom’s NYC Jewish accent. Can’t get enough of it. Why does this remind me of Larry David? Is it a Jewish thing? The Canadians with their Humor, The British, and the Jews. Definitely top 3, maybe the only 3, not necessarily in any order.






2 responses to “1938media: My Mother, My Wife, Kirstie Alley, And Jenny Craig”

  1. Stephen Pickering Avatar
    Stephen Pickering

    Hey Loren, you’re welcome. Love that part where she says Kirsty stole the ingredients, and you come back at her, “What? Are you crazy?” What a moment. Really enjoy all your videos. Great site and great work.


  2. Loren Feldman Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words. Christ she’s a nightmare.

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