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The Future of the News? A Video Camera

Today, Robert Scoble just did his second live broadcast of an event he participated in, a distinguished panel discussing the future of traditional media. OK, I know you are already asleep. Only the truly geeky, geeky, longest of long tails, C-Spaners would watch such a thing. Right? Probably. But you must admit that it is an important topic. Almost a day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about a newspaper in some city or other that is going broke. But here’s what I found most interesting about the event:

At an invent about the future of journalism, in our new media world, Scoble, laptop camera and mic pointed at the room, was THE ONLY PERSON JOURNALIZING! And he was journalizing LIVE!

Attention traditional media: HELLO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The future of news is a Video Camera. And two hands carrying it that are halfway interested enough in the subject actually be there. It’s not that hard. Really. Except no one’s doing it.

If an event or piece of news that you are interested in is happening, which would be your first choice, to see it or to read about it? And if you had the choice of seeing it in real time or recorded which, again, would you choose? You may not trust Wikipedia, but I do think you trust your own eyes and ears.






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