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What May Stop Twitter? Itself.

The trouble with Twitter is not the model, its the underlying technology. The site has constantly had problems functioning smoothly since inception, even before it became mainstream, so growth is not an excuse. They’re going to have to get new management to fix it. If it can’t be fixed there’s no way this company can go forward, and FriendFeed or Facebook will take over the space. The model is great, but the execution is horrendous. ¬†It’s going to be tomorrow’s AOL or Myspace if something isn’t done, and it has to be done now.

Jimmy Page said “Some guitars fight you, others the music just spills out.” ¬†Twitter, the site itself, just seems to fight you, like its annoyed you are even there. Whatever they’ve got to do to fix, they must do it now, even if it meant shutting the site down for a week and doing a complete overhaul. It would be worth it. It could mean billions. Jason Calacanis is right, they could be the dial tone of the internet. They are on the verge of it right now, and that’s why it must be fixed. No excuses. At least I wouldn’t want any if I were the one who’d given them $25million.






4 responses to “What May Stop Twitter? Itself.”

  1. Stephen Pickering Avatar
    Stephen Pickering

    Hehehheheheh, no, what I mean is, hmmm, how do I say it better, down as in being tomorrow’s Myspace, AOL. I mean it metaphorically. Gone, kaput, done.

  2. Nobilis Avatar

    So what you’re saying, is that what will bring down Twitter is the fact that it’s down too much?

    Isn’t that just a little tautologous?

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