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Tag: Sonnet

  • Sonnet #3 in Iambic Trimeter

    Those Canadien snow geese are the soul The azaleas in the Spring They have nowhere to go But one can hear them sing. That was a little poetical fragment that came to me on a walk just now, in the gorgeous springtime air, of course a little Starbucks influenced as well as the air, water, […]

  • Sonnet #5 in Iambic Tetrameter

    I think we can go back in time. Two eyes look out from this old house. Adventure starts when love’s divine and lights the flame that cries out loud. It’s time to slip on through this gap. It’s time to see what life’s about. We’re tired inside Guernica’s trap. Let’s leave tonight, and let’s get […]

  • A New Sonnet: The Emerald River

    Which city does the emerald river flow Where flowers dance in secret sacred shapes? Symbolic eyes forgotten long ago, Its palace mystery singing to the Fates. The grand old river swells the earthen banks. The deep wood’s breath is like a lover’s song. Its mystic water rises where love sank. We hold on floating down […]

  • Sonnet #1

    (*I figured if Shakespeare can write a hundred than I can too.) Sonnet #1 I loved the girl who lived next door to me. Her eyes were blue and clear and sang with joy. She was the sun, the grass, the trees, and stream. Her hair was blond and bobbed just like a boy. Then […]