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Tag: Poem

  • Today is Emily Dickinson’s Birthday. So, I Should Write a Poem

    Everything points your way; You can see the golden eye. What the Queen has bequeathed to stay home runs and apple pies loft back into your sky. Each ruinous nation rejects finally even the fallen tree; Above the skies stares salvation where still the angels sing. Where were you when she was born? You were […]

  • Poem: “Out There”

    There’s something about standing here. Purple lake. You lake monsters curl around Nessie’s frame while locked inside twirls Nessie’s babe. The bark peeled away, the arrow fires straight through the cotton woods where the vision stood. One can hear the fields ticking, the silence purring Delta blues Bitches brew. The vision spirals inward to that […]

  • Poem: The Night Sea

    The Night Sea   I want to breath again beneath the mythic pond. This presence blows the wind And bares the dew soaked dawn. The spirits sing from wells. The earth’s throat opens wide. They say what no man tells. Their secrets dance inside. The king is sleeping still. His drawbridge dream released. His knights […]

  • A New Sonnet: The Emerald River

    Which city does the emerald river flow Where flowers dance in secret sacred shapes? Symbolic eyes forgotten long ago, Its palace mystery singing to the Fates. The grand old river swells the earthen banks. The deep wood’s breath is like a lover’s song. Its mystic water rises where love sank. We hold on floating down […]

  • It’s National Poetry Month – So I Should Write Some Poems

    I was just glancing at Youtube, and it said that it was national poetry month. Man they have a day and a month for everything, don’t they? Hehehehehe. Well, since I’m a poet, I thought I should write some poems, especially this month! Just wrote this sonnet a few minutes ago. Hopefully I can do […]

  • New Poem: “New York and Light.”

    New York and light. East Egg above. They dance all night The Jitterbug. Their dreams play notes Her favorite song. The things they wrote She danced along. With eyes like that That guy could sing. She flys him back Across the sea. The city’s moon: It strums their tune. Related Posts: 4 New Iambic Poems