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Category: Tech

  • Mylikes Update: A Retweet is All It Takes

    Remember when I wrote about Mylikes, the social media ad platform, that allowed you to leverage your Social Media efforts? Well, I still love it, for all the reasons I mentioned in the post, but I noticed lately I haven’t been as active on it. There are more than a few reasons for this, but […]

  • What to do when your iPad’s Home Button Stops Working

    A few days ago my iPad’s home button stopped working. Seems like it happened right after I upgraded to iOs 4.3. The only thing I could do to use it was turn it off and back on. Mine’s a first generation that I got at Best Buy the first day it came out on April […]

  • The Age of Authenticity

    This girl is selling a MILLION copies a year of her fiction WITHOUT A PUBLISHER on the Kindle platform. Here’s the Business Insider story about her.  Here’s the original blogger’s story about her, from whom BI got their story. Here’s her personal blog. (Hey, but at least everybody’s linking!)   Arcade Fire not only is selling […]

  • The Gillmor Gang 2-25-11 (Audio)

    [audio:http://www.stephenpickering.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/gillmor.mp3] Direct .mp3 link (iPhone/iPad simply click to play) – Right Click to Download Just messing around with Wiretap Studio for Mac. Plus I’d seen a lot of folks who wanted this. If either Steve or TechCrunch minds, I’ll pull it down, no problem. Let me know. It’s 83mb and just a regular file on […]

  • Opinion: Facebook’s Growth Helps Google

    So I’m listening to the Gillmor Gang yesterday and the topic of the moment is Google vs. Microsoft in the so called “Bing Sting” operation that allegedly caught Bing stealing or copying Google’s search results. SNOOZE. Scobleizer chimed in saying in effect this was a ploy to make Microsoft the enemy, a battle which he […]

  • Useful Links and Sites

    13 Little Known Google Search Features NeatImage – A plug in for Aperture and Photoshop that allows you to shoot at higher ISO’s and then it gets rid of the unnecessary artifacts. FilterStorm – An iPhone App. $3.99. Great, intuitive photo editor for your iPhone. For instance if you have great shots that are too […]