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Category: Tech

  • What to do when all your Saved Passwords Disappear from Chrome

    Ever had this happen? It’s quite a shock and a lot of dismay. Today when I went to sites I visit often I noticed the Username and Password field weren’t automatically filled out like normal. So I went to the password manager in Chrome and everything had disappeared! Well I found a solution HERE on a […]

  • How To Fix Access Denied Error On Twitter Follow Button

    If you haven’t installed the new code, it’s here: https://twitter.com/about/resources/buttons#follow Even if you have already done that, you may still get that error message instead of the button. What you need to do is clear your browser cache, and it will show up fine. On Chrome on Mac you click the Chrome menu button and select […]

  • How to Find the Best Device in Every Tech Category

    In the market for a new Android phone and want to know which is the best? Or how about a new Wifi Router. This site, wirecutter.com is the perfect solution. It shows you the best product in every technology category. Great resource. Why not just post this link in Twitter and or Facebook? Well I […]

  • Apple’s New iPad: A Horse With No Name

    Man, I haven’t blogged in forever. I think about it too much. One shouldn’t think, one should just blog. Blog’s aren’t formal. Do you like the title? I was trying to think of something funny or cute since while everyone was debating whether this iteration would be called “iPad 3” or “iPad HD” Apple decided […]

  • Some Blogging Advice: Continually Update Your Old Posts

    I haven’t given any ‘blogging’ advice in a long time. And whom and I to give it? But I have noticed one little thing that can help get your posts a little edge. Maybe it’s this increasingly ‘real-time’ World, or maybe they’ve always done it, but Google is so much constantly crawling, that when your […]

  • Google+: A Threat to Tumblr?

    In response to John Battelle’s blogpost: Google+: If, And, Then….Implications for Twitter and Tumblr, I wrote the following: (Note such posts harken back to one of my blog posts about blogging itself: That is, if you find something you are interested in, and read blogs about the topic, often times your replies become long enough to […]