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Category: Culture

  • Song in No Strings Attached Christmas party scene

    It’s “Girlfriend” by the French band “Phoenix” off their album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.” What’s weird is that it’s not listed on the ‘official’ soundtrack, so I used the app “Shazam” on the iPhone to detect the right song. Pretty cool.

  • What to Watch on Netflix Instant

    4/8/13 @netflix rec: ROMAN HOLIDAY. Can a movie succeed on charm alone? The answer is: Audrey Hepburn. #netflix365 — Mark Duplass (@MarkDuplass) April 9, 2013   Update: 12/28/12 – “Woody Allen.” This is a fantastic documentary, certainly a must watch for his fans, and fans of comedy and film in general. I wasn’t ever going […]

  • Advice for Aspiring Writers

    I came across this today via Twitter, and I thought it was so good, that I needed to keep it on my blog, so that I would always have a copy. Here’s the advice: First — keep reading. Writers are readers. Writers are also people who can’t not write. Second, follow Heinlein’s rules for getting […]

  • The Mythic Dimension

    If I were going to help Deepak in his argument with Leonard (Leonard Mlodinow) I might say: “Deepak, ask him whether he believes in the 4th dimension. After he says, ‘Yes,’ ask him to point to it.” He can’t. He can’t even imagine it. Our brains are incapable of even imagining it. They’re hard wired […]

  • Spirituality vs Science: Missing the Point

    A few minutes into that video on the previous post Leonard Mlodinow says something like neither Hawking nor he, and presumably neither science in general, rule out the possibility of there being a God. But really thinking of “God” as a fact is not what spirituality is about. God as a symbol for that which […]

  • The War of the Worldviews: A Zen Review

    OK, so I haven’t read the book. Or have I? Quantum theory would say that there is at least one Universe in which I have. But we’ll stick with the consciousness that I am experiencing now. I haven’t read the book. I’ve seen Deepak tweet about it for a while now. I follow Leonard Mlodinow, […]