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Category: Films

  • Why Netflix Will Become THE Global Distribution Channel for Filmed Art & Entertainment.

    (Editor’s note: I wrote this piece originally in response to this article from TheStreet.com:  Amazon vs. Netflix: Jeff Bezos Could Squash Reed Hastings Like a Bug) A) I’ve been an HBO subscriber since the 80’s, watched almost everything on it, and “House of Cards” is totally as good as anything that has ever been on…

  • Cool Full Length Movies Streaming Free on Youtube

    John Huston’s Beat the Devil (1953) Roger Ebert’s Review Sita Sings the Blues (2009) Roger Ebert’s Review

  • Midnight in Paris: The Music of the Night

    Metaphorical Themes It’s a common theme, maybe the most important theme, of Fairy Tales and Mythological stories: when the Hero or Heroin answers the “Call” to adventure,” magical helpers show up seemingly out of nowhere. What is that a metaphor for? Similarly in this story, when Gil answers his own inner call to walk the…

  • Song in No Strings Attached Christmas party scene

    It’s “Girlfriend” by the French band “Phoenix” off their album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.” What’s weird is that it’s not listed on the ‘official’ soundtrack, so I used the app “Shazam” on the iPhone to detect the right song. Pretty cool.

  • What to Watch on Netflix Instant

    4/8/13 @netflix rec: ROMAN HOLIDAY. Can a movie succeed on charm alone? The answer is: Audrey Hepburn. #netflix365 — Mark Duplass (@MarkDuplass) April 9, 2013   Update: 12/28/12 – “Woody Allen.” This is a fantastic documentary, certainly a must watch for his fans, and fans of comedy and film in general. I wasn’t ever going…

  • Ebert, Dawkins, Maher, & Hitchens’ Neo-Determinism

    Determinism, the idea that everything can be explained, has a “reason”,  died in 1906, the “Miracle” Year when Einstein came up with Special Relativity. Turned out Light didn’t care what the Victorians thought and didn’t obey “reason.” By 1925, with the Quantum Theory, whatever vestige of this mechanized view of the World was laid to…