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My Song Union Street (Hold On) was Added to a Distrokid Playlist

My song “Union Street (Hold On)” that was released this past summer really as a B-Side for “Just for a Moment” was just added a Distrokid playlist for Singer/Songwriters. I think it goes to show that you’ve just got to keep putting things out and that something, usually something unexpected like this one will stick. Like I mentioned, this was a last minute b-side that I thought was interesting, but I thought if anything caught on, it would be “Just for a Moment.” That one did “ok,” but Union Street has done much, much better.
There’s a lot of great songs on this 50 song playlist that I have been enjoying as well. Mine is #37: (Update: 11/28/20: It was added for a second week, and now it’s #28)

Update 2/28/20: I just got the same email from Distrokid that I got last week: That the voters had spoken, and that I had been added to their Singer/Songwriters Playlist and would be there for a week. It didn’t say thing about “again” or “for a second time” as a matter of fact the email was an exact duplicate of the one a week before except for the date change. Playlists and voting for them is a new feature, so maybe it was a glitch, or maybe the song is really good, and was voted again to be on the playlist. The ladder would for sure make me happy, and there is evidence: The list looks for the most part different than the previous week. I hope I’m not jinxing myself. I guess we’ll see next week what happens.







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