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New American Poem: Stay Composed

“Stay Composed”

There’s something so deep in my heart
in each cell of me,
swimming along this river of the night so dark,
speaking to another century.

I am the hand that swims through your sea
for some missing piece of gold.
I am the rose that blooms from your seed
In a deep, hidden story that’s never been told.

The infant child was born
I try to put these things together piece by piece
across the sea, on the yonder shore
but they already exist together here inside of me

This bed, the planets that are in our head,
the love that we saw with our eyes but never said,
are all made from the same substance, transcendent of time or place,
that is neither alive nor dead.

I’m Mercury, and your Venus,
and that’s so, hermetically speaking,
nothing ever comes between us.

And sometimes it feels like, when we’re quiet like this, quietly Dancing with the moon
that anything that we wish for, deep in our hearts,
will come true.

What’s inside this fly, what makes it go
Is more information, more mystery than the whole world
understands or knows.

I can’t give you what you desire,
And I can’t give you what you need.
But I can take you to that place that is even higher
Where, for the first time, you will finally see.






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