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How to Kill a Task or Force Quit an Application on the Galaxy SIII

Coming from iPhone, everything is taking a learning curve, but less than you might imagine, as each year, Android gets better and better, and this Galaxy SIII, as I write seems to be the phone of the moment.


Not that I understand the rationality behind how the pages are ordered or where they put the icons on the page or even the concept of “Widgets”, but out of the box, which is pretty much the way I’m using it now, if you “swipe” enough pages you’ll come across an icon that is “gear shaped” called “Settings.” On mine its at the bottom of the page, bottom right, to the right of “All Share Play” “S Memo” and “Gallery.”


So you click settings and about half way down the page is “Application Manager,” and then that shows you all of your apps running. Click any app and you can click “Force Stop,” which will do the trick.


I don’t know about you, I mean I love spotify, but there seems to be something buggy about the app, both on iOS and Android. Especially when switching between Wifi and Mobile data. It’ll just stop working. Doesn’t handle the hand off for some reason. And then it’s like you have to kill the app and re-open it. ANNOYING!

What’s weird is, even before I learned how to “kill an app” on Android, the Spotify app would suddenly come on and go off seemingly at will, for no reason that I could think of. The bars on my Wifi would be full (I’m not 10 feet away from the wifi router) and one minute Spotify would act like there’s no connection and then 10 minutes later as I’m working on something else, having forgotten about it, it would suddenly come on. I tend to think it’s a Spotify issue, as I had similar issues even on iOS with it.

Love Spotify though, just hope they’ll fix this bugginess soon.

Oh, I’ll put some screen shots up of this whole process once I figure out how to do that on Android.



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