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Resources For Building, Optimizing, Growing Facebook Pages

  1. The Choose Yourself Era – How to Get 100,000 Facebook Fans– James Altucher – Man, this is an incredible post by one of the Co-Founders of Buddy Media, which recently sold to Salesforce.com for 800 million. And from my understanding there business was and is about helping big brands with their marketing efforts using Facebook Pages.
  2. 7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Page’s EdgeRank – Post Rocket
  3. Facebook Timeline for Business Pages – 21 Key Points To Know – MariSmith.com – Boy this Mari seems to be the Goddess of the Facebook Fanpage! How did I find it? I needed to know that the Masthead image for a Fan Page should be 851 x 315 px, and as I thought the profile image is square and has to be at least 180 x 180. (I’ll probably make a 360 x 360 one.) But man, there is a ton of info on this page, and I get the feeling that her whole blog is about Facebook Fan Page Marketing.
  4. 12 Tips to Optimize Facebook Page for Maximum Reach and Brand Visibility – Wchingya.com
  5. A Simple 6 Step Plan for Creating a Facebook Page that Works – NetWitsThinkTank.com
  6. You’ve Got Facebook Fans, Now What? Booshaka Raises $1M to Ensure Your Posts Earn You Money – TechCrunch.com



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