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What to do when all your Saved Passwords Disappear from Chrome

Ever had this happen? It’s quite a shock and a lot of dismay. Today when I went to sites I visit often I noticed the Username and Password field weren’t automatically filled out like normal. So I went to the password manager in Chrome and everything had disappeared! Well I found a solution HERE on a Google Groups discussion board. It seems to have worked.

This is for a Mac. What you do is first quit Chrome. Then you go to Applications>Utilities>Keychain Open up your Keychain Access program and all of your passwords should be in there. Mine were. Then you re-open Chrome and all the passwords and sites are re-populated in the Password Manager in Chrome. At least it worked for me. Whew! The Passwords in Chrome are in Preferences>Personal Stuff>Manage Saved Passwords.

Hope that helps. Let me know.







3 responses to “What to do when all your Saved Passwords Disappear from Chrome”

  1. Ariel Avatar

    I don’t have a Mac, but it still happened to me…can’t find out how to fix it so far…

  2. andrfid Avatar

    Phew, just happened to me !
    This trick worked forme, Thanks a lot !

  3. David Wiseman Avatar
    David Wiseman

    Hi Stephen,

    This worked for me too! Thank you.


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