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  • What to do when all your Saved Passwords Disappear from Chrome

    Ever had this happen? It’s quite a shock and a lot of dismay. Today when I went to sites I visit often I noticed the Username and Password field weren’t automatically filled out like normal. So I went to the password manager in Chrome and everything had disappeared! Well I found a solution HEREĀ on a […]

  • How to Sync Any Phone to Itunes

    Update 1/18/10 – There’s also another option. It’s called DoubleTwist. It was recommended by Leo Laporte on one of his podcasts and he’s the most trusted man on the internet. I think he was using it to sync his new Nexus One phone up with his iTunes Library. Cross-platform Salling Media Sync updated, syncs Palm […]

  • How to Network A Mac to Ubuntu Easily

    On your Mac click the Apple logo in the upper left of your screen then>System Preferences>Internet & Network>Sharing Then check the box that says, “File Sharing.” Click the ‘Options’ button and uncheck the ‘Share files using AFP.’ Then check the box that says ‘Share files and folder using FTP’ Now go to your Ubuntu machine […]