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A New Original Song “Silent Serenade”


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“Silent Serenade”

Lyrics and Music Stephen Pickering – Creative Commons 2011

All is calm
I can’t go on
Leaving love behind
In the still summer night

There’s a pain over there
That the rain won’t spare
And a piece of the sky
That my heart wants to climb


It’s been a while
It’s been a long one
Since we’ve been apart

I could’ve sworn the pieces had fallen
Leaving motionless the stars

But I know there’ll come a day
for our silent serenade.

Here comes May
The Sun after the rain
We swim through flowers all day
And found a bower to lay

You’ve got your call
Feels as cold as rain in the fall
Where’s the peace of the night
Where our love used to hide?

There’s a thief who stole
All the diamonds and gold
Where the soul used to hide
When I had you by my side

Chorus 2:

It’s been a while
It’s been a long one
Since you’ve been a apart
They could’ve made up the same lines
A little closer to the heart
I would’ve shown what I made
In this silent serenade.

Creative Commons 2011 – Stephen Pickering






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