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Gillmor Gang 4-29-11 .mp3


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  1. Gimena Avatar

    I listened to the GG and to be hoenst I didn’t find it all that good.As for Jason and Mike telling you to ask money when you evangelize’ a website or product, I think they’re right because you put a lot of time into promoting those websites, so you should get paid for your work but the second you go out there and you promote the heck out of a website, guess who will be the first one to say Scoble’s getting paid and is no longer all that reliable I advice you to not take any money. It smells like Pay Per Post.You work for FastCompany, you’re competition to them and now you’re getting started in the conference industry as well helloWhat you should do is stop whining to Gabe about your 140 Twitter characters not being on techmeme.Go back to your blog. Make my life easier. Don’t ask me to follow all your conversations. FF and Twitter are marketing tools, tools to stay connected but you need to have a place where the good stuff is.It used to be on your blog. Now it’s probably on Twitter or FF, but I can’t find it and I ain’t gonna look for it.You have a sponsor. Give Seagate some traffic.I’m subscribed to your FF feed. It sucks.I’m subscribed to Jason’s emails. It rocks.It’s better than the latest GG and the latest techcrunch posts combined. He’s not wasting my time, I don’t have to sort through all kinds of posts or conversations I’m not interested in. I wouldn’t mind if his emails weren’t that long but Robert, there’s no way 140 characters are as valuable.I’m not interested in all those conversations, it’s a waste of my time.I let you do the dirty work and when you find something interesting or when you have a video that’s worth my time, let me know.But don’t ask me to follow you on Twitter or FF

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