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Another Step to Increase Your Blog’s Exposure

Update: I totally didn’t expect this because this particular blog post isn’t about Qualcomm specifically, but IT’S actuallys showing up on the Google finance page for Qualcomm! I feel a little guilty about that, but I guess that it’s because I have either the name or Symbol within the post. So I guess you don’t necessarily have to have in the blog title. But I’ve already got about 20 hits from it this morning. Weird. Exciting, but as I said, I kind of feel guilty and didn’t intend that. Still it’s interesting to note.

I noticed a little “Easter Basket” type unexpected thing that can get you “free” traffic. If you are interested in stocks and you blog something about that stock, use the stock symbol in your headline and it will show up on Google’s finance page.

The other day I saw and insight by George Gilder on his forum about the company Qualcomm (QCOM) and it wasn’t a very long statement, but it was too long to be tweeted. I even tried FriendFeed which allows more characters but it still wouldn’t fit. So I went ahead and blogged it. I wasn’t thinking about getting exposure. I simply wanted to remember this statement, but I thought in the back of my mind that if I tweeted the headline with the tag $QCOM that it might show up on the sight Stocktwits.com.

Then I noticed I was getting a lot of hits from Google. I went to the link and it was to the finance page for Qualcomm. Halfway down the page theres a list called “As discussed in blogs” and there my post was right on top! Now Qualcomm is a big company with almost 20 million shares traded daily. So you know that page gets a lot of traffic. So if you write about a smaller company, then it might not do as well.

But of course I wouldn’t write just to get traffic. Only write about a stock or anything if you are truly interested in it and have something to say. And if you are an individual investor its a good idea to spend a couple hours a month investigating the news, press releases, and quarterly statements.

I just happen to be interested in individual investing and of course the companies I’m invested in. If you’re not, then obviously this tip isn’t right for you, but I do think it demonstrates the upside surprises that can come by writing something your are really interested in.

And it really impresses me more and more about Google and how it surfaces good blog content. I’ve heard before that Google likes blogs. And this demonstrates it’s true.

Also Google has recently updated its algorithms to get rid of the junk and content farms. This is beneficial for the individual voices who are publishing things they truly interested in.







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