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Jacob’s Keynote for $QCOM

In a keynote presentation at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs declared that the mobile industry is on the verge of new step in its evolution, becoming our ‘sixth sense’. “We’re at a similar stage of evolution to when the mobile Internet started to happen,” he said.

“Jacobs claimed there will be hundreds or thousands of things around us that we will be able to connect to. How can this be accomplished without software radios?” – said George Gilder on his  Gildertech/board a few days ago.


Other interesting news that came out yesterday in a story on AppleInsider entitled Mass production of Apple’s A5-, Qualcomm-powered iPhone 5 rumored for Sept.”

Among other things the story notes that “Apple will switch to Qualcomm’s basebands for both the CDMA & GSM versions of the phone, along with an improved antenna design.”

I don’t know how much sales and margins are in “basebands” but that’s gotta be good news for QCOM. Turns out their technology and innovation are not limited to CDMA only phones.

I was worried what effect LTE would have on QCOM in the long term, but George never answered that question I posted. But I get the feeling Qualcomm is innovating in all areas of mobile, and maybe there’s not a better investment in this whole huge paradigm of mobile growth?






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