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Astonishing Six Minute Amateur Video of Japan Tsunami

In case you can’t view this video because of the country that you are in, here is a direct link to the .MP4 file.

I saw this as a tweet from Jeff Jarvis. I threw it on Youtube because it enlarged it. Youtube said that it may be the property of TV Asahi Corporation. So they may pull it down, and they said it may not be viewable in other countries.

Update 3/28/11
The youtube version of the video has now been taken down, I am not sure why. The video can still be viewed on the Bulgarian site Vbox7.

Here’s another amazing one from Tokyo showing cracks opening and closing and liquefaction: I saw this in a tweet from Chris Sacca

And another I just saw tweeted by Jimmy Pethokoukis saying “More than any other video i have seen, this shows the terrifying power and speed of the Japan tsunami”

Saw this one today (04-19-11) from the site Newser.com entitled “New Japan Tsunami Video Shows Town Washed Away as Residents Flee”






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