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Internet Shopping: Etsy.com Continues to Flourish

You just might if you sell your wares on Etsy.

On the heels of a recent report that Etsy, the ecommerce site known for “arts & crafts” is set to do $50,000,000 in revenues this year from a base of 7 million customers and over $400 million in transactions, I felt it would be good to write about it. I’ve heard about Etsy for years, but always let it slide off my consciousness. The moniker “arts & crafts” has never had a positive connotation in my mind for whatever reason. But a business that is doing well financially usually is also a business that has a good product. So I decided to investigate further.

  • “The site itself does a really good job of blending content and e-commerce.” – Kathy Choi from “This Week in Startups” #107 (During the news section at the end of the show)
  • “Really Unique and Authentic Products that are often cheaper than non authentic, mass produced products.” – Jason Calacanis (same show)
  • “The site itself has the feel of shopping from a upscale department store, but it’s all hand-crafted.” – ditto, Jason
  • Kind of has a “Shabby-Chic” feel. So this might be the internet’s version of going “antiquing” kind of thing or a warm, old-fashioned street market, a chance to find unexpected things that may delight you. – (that’s mine, hehehehehe)

Halloween costumes, linens, furniture, hats, clothing, dry-goods, are some of the main types of things you might find there. But go check the site out yourself. There’s lots of categories, and also if you happen to have a passion for a certain craft you can also sell your own wares there, making a business out of your passion. The business has a great reputation, and trust is the key ingredient in e-commerce.



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