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Thoughts on Music, Social Media, and a New Song, “The Night Was You”

Man, I hate producing, even with the beautiful, large screen Apple Garageband interface. I hate editing. I want to do everything in one take. And plus, even if I were a good producer, it’s frustrating separating your brain from creating to objectively producing. Producing is an art in itself. You almost need someone else, even if they weren’t the greatest producer in the world, to take the material you’ve recorded and objectively put it together.

I have so many songs. But it seems it takes me weeks to produce just one. Oh well, whine, whine, whine! I’ll continue to do it. Because it satisfying listening on your ipod or CD to something that sounds almost as good as a professional studio recording. And these days, with a computer, especially a Mac, anyone can do it. That’s a great leap forward for creativity. I’m working on one now called “Take Me Home.” It’s almost done. Well, is it ever done? But anyway I’ll post it when it is.

But in the meantime, I sort of like just sitting with my guitar and playing “raw” into the computer into something like this, “Cinch” There’s something fun and satisfying about just being raw and playing and singing at the same time, spontaneously. Plus it gets the material out there and gets the ball rolling for the subconscious mind to start working on a more professional production. It’s all good. The live playing and then the more “slick” studio recording really feed into each other. So it all eventually comes together.

I need to stop being so uptight about the blog. Blog’s are meant to be “farm” clubs anyway for your more finished product. I just need to post my raw stuff and not worry about it being “perfect.” People engage with “real” anyway. I think my reticence it that my blog is my front facing web page. I’ll probably build a static front facing web page that features my finished work, and then make the blog a link on that where my more “raw,” spontaneous stuff gets posted. That’s kind of what blogs are meant for anyway.

“The Night Was You”

It’s nice
Oh lord
Please forgive me
For this World

They don’t
They’re sayin’ things
It’s part of their plan

And at night
To sunrise
they left you
In disguise

I want out
I want in
Want good things
To begin

And the night
Was filled with star-
Light (It was you)

And denial
Can’t be the part
Of life you want come true
You want come true.

At this World
So unhappy
When it turns

And you know
When you die
They put up buildings
To the sky

They got out
We went in
But they ain’t saying what’s
About to begin

It’s too late
It’s too long
All we got dear
Is this song

Verse: G-Em7-C-Am7-D7

Chorus: C-G-D/F#-C







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