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An Original Song: “Through the Night”

Through the Night by spickeringlr

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This track is almost 2 years old, and its been almost that long since I’ve listened to it. But since I was on Myspace today for the first time in a long time checking out the band Beach House, whom I’d never heard of, but found out about by reading Daniel Tashian’s most recent blogpost, I thought I’d look at my page. I ran through a few of my songs. “Not bad,” I thought. I felt they kind of held their own against Beach House, whom remarkably has millions of plays on their site, and an album on iTunes, Teen Dream, with hundreds of 5 Star reviews. Then I noticed this song, of all of them had the most plays, even though it is buried pretty deep on the playlist. I listened to it and liked it. It’s a simple song, but it has flavor. I remember it started from a simple mood in the evening, and I came home and effortlessly wrote the music and lyrics. No stress involved, which is kind of the vibe of the song itself. I recorded it on a Boss BR-1600, not the best machine in the world, but satisfactory for its day, and although the vocals hit some weak spots, I thought all in all it was a pretty nice little tune. I realized I’d never blogged (it came before the blog was born) so I thought I’d sort of re-release it. I don’t even know where the lyrics are. I probably hand wrote them some where. Be nice to find that piece of paper. That was one of the first songs in which I had the insight to finish the song in one sitting. That was a good, productive tip because it gives you something to work with and a sense of accomplishment, that satisfactory sense, which is also kind of what the song is about.






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