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Just Added A New Customer to My Rackspace Cloud Site: What I Learned

Update 6-18-10 : I did add that 2nd Customer. Yeah! They emailed me yesterday. Set up their site in about 2 minutes. Now they are rocking in the Cloud with no extra effort. Actually, I thought I would add 2 customers, but I haven't heard back from the other one. Since I started re selling Rackspace Cloud Sites last summer, I've had lots of inqueries, some of which have become customers, some of which have not, but all have asked good questions, questions that many times I would have to call Rackspace Techs or Ping Chad Keck or Rob La Gesse on Twitter to answer. I just realized, "Why have I not been writing all these down to build an FAQ page?" Well, I'm going to do just that. I'll start with these most recent two inqueries, and then maybe I'll dig through my email and find the rest and slowly add to the page, or just start from scratch and start documenting fresh questions as they come in. Q: We have been looking at your basic rack space package & wonder if you could clear up how many separate domains we could host? Is it one domain per package or a set amount? A: You can put as many domains as you want on there, and I would only charge you extra if you're account as a whole exceeded the limits. (Here are the plans and the amounts for overages.) (Here's a good one! Solid, basic, and to the point!) Q: Are you still reselling rackspace cloud sites? A: Yes! Q: If I start off with the basic plan and find its not big enough, can I move up to an advanced plan without taking my site off line? A: Yes, I can change your plan without it affecting your site. I just click on your site, change the plan that's applied to it, and that's it. Nothing touches your site or database. Q: How big are the mailboxes? A: The mailboxes are 1GB each standard. I was just told by Rackspace they can be increased to 3GB upon special request, and they said it's no additional charge. Well, those are 4 good solid questions to start things off with. I'll add them to my FAQ page now, and continue building it as things roll along. Q:  Hi,  I saw that you are reselling couldsites for Rackspace. I'm interested. I have three or four websites right now. I'd like each of these to have its own public IP address. Is this possible with your hosting? A: Unfortunately no. With Cloud Sites, the ip address given is the ip for the server and not just the domain in question. This feature is available with Rackspace's "Cloud Servers" product, however. Here is the page with the details of my Rackspace Cloud Site hosting packages that this post refers to. Here is the page with the information I need to get you started hosting your site or blog in the cloud. Here is the FAQ Page I'm building for My Re-Selling Rackspace Cloud Sites Packages And as always you can email me at [email protected] or call or text me at +1(501)291-1375. You can also ping me on Twitter or Facebook.






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