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New Songs: “65” & “Summertime”

65 by spickeringlr

Summertime7 by spickeringlr (You can download these songs by clicking the ‘down’ arrow on the right side of the players above.)

These are actually “Cover” songs of Josh Rouse material. The forum community over at JoshRouse.com is a very tight knit passionate group. One of the star members named Will produces a podcast that usually features picks from the forum fans or bootleg material from Josh’s live shows, and artists similar to Josh and such. Well, the next podcast they are doing a special version of “Covers” of Josh’s material done my forum members. So these are the two numbers I submitted. Readers of this blog will have already heard “Summertime” as I did that on my own a few weeks ago just for fun, not knowing they were going to do this podcast. Nothing’s changed on that track, except I did EQ the vocals better. In that earlier version there were some spots where the vocals went into the “red” so to speak. That’s recording talk for too high of a level and the recording can “clip.” So I think the overall sound of this version is better, smoother.

“65” is a bit of an obscure song. It’s older material off an LP called “Chester” that Josh did in his earlier years in collaboration with a guy named Kurt Wagner. Kind of has an Alternative Country R.E.M.ish feel. I’ve always like the song and the LP. Very raw compared to the smoother sounds fans of Josh Rouse are used to. Kind of feels like a few guys getting together, having a few beers and just letting it rip. The lyrics. What do they mean? Who knows. Who cares? They’re just fun. It’s like stream of consciousness. It’s like letting off steam. It was fun to make. Being from the South, I’m kind of partial to that R.E.M.ish southern country influenced alternative sound.





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