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I Met a Turtle This Morning


Turtle 2

Turtle 3

Turtle 4

Turtle 5

Turtle 6

A Turtle. He needs to find a pond.

Walking this morning with the dogs, we came across a turtle in the grass near the woods. I remember a friend of mine posted some photos recently of turtles, so I decided to sit down, take a break and see if I could snap him (no pun intended).  I like the last two the best when I got closer to his face. I wish I would have gotten even a few inches closer, but really felt like he was going to snap me! You know it was relaxing, just gazing at him there. I rarely think about turtles. There’s so many of them around here with all the ponds. But when I stopped to gaze upon him, I really felt the sense of another being there. What was he thinking? What was he feeling? It was sort of a “quasi” spiritual experience. Very relaxing. Maybe that’s what’s so addictive about photography, the relaxing feeling you get from really looking at things in a calm way. So I “beamed” the last photo straight up to flickr from my iPhone, which instantly “tweeted” it to my Twitter. It was ironic: when I came back home I had a couple of responses. One was: “perhaps he wants to lead you on a journey of self discovery” which I thought was rather ironic, considering the feelings I’d had while taking it. Lovely.






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