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Some Places to Get a Custom Logo

Chris Brogan's New Logo by StressLimitDesign.com

{Update: Aug. 11 2010 – Chris Brogan just tweeted this about Blue Pencil Unlimited, which looks like another nice, creative source for a logo.}

I just noticed Chris Brogan, the well known Social Media blogger tweet that he got a new logo.

He mentioned he got it at a place called: StressLimitDesign.com in Montreal. Their webpage looks like they don’t want you to contact them (that’s facetious). So I don’t know what their prices are.

Scobleizer mentioned a few weeks ago that he got a logo, which is a pretty big deal: the no.1 blogger in the World has never had a logo until now! Ha! I need to dig up that post. Seemed like a pretty cool little place where he got it. [later] Oh here it is, I found it: http://idesignyourlogo.com/ I design your logo dot com? Doesn’t get much more focused than that. Just browsing, I like their work.

Scobleizer's New Logo by IDesignYourLogo.com

Of course there’s always 99designs.com, which everyone raves about. I’ve been interested in logos for some time, getting one myself, making one or something. As you can see I don’t have one, except for some special text that Google provides.

Writing this at a cafe on an iPad having breakfast and coffee. Other than the WordPress app being horrible, I could get used to this.

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