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One Easy Way to Stimulate Your Creativity

So, I was listening to the podcast “TWiT” yesterday, as I have been doing pretty much every Sunday for the past several years. Then I happened to listen to the Podcast that comes right after it called “East Meets West” with Tom Merritt and Roger Chang which I usually don’t listen to, but did because because Leo was going to stay on for it. Anyway, in one short snippet they talked about how they always think of their best ideas in the shower. Well it turns out that it’s more than just a coincidence. What’s happening is that blood vessels are stimulated by the warmth. They expand and your brain becomes oxygenated.

  • So if you want to stimulate your creativity or need to come up with a good idea, take a hot shower.

If you want to boost this effect, take a hot tub or whirlpool bath, especially after a work out.

It reminded me of my own experiences with this. I have a whirlpool bath. I was in the habit, several years ago, of getting in it everyday. I was going through a period of writing songs and poems. I noticed great lines seemed to just come to me when I was in the whirlpool. I got to where I’d put a notebook on the vanity. It was quite exhilarating. I was in and out of that hot tub ten or fifteen times during a bath. That was the only problem. I couldn’t enjoy my bath! But if you need to come up with some ideas, or have a specific project in front of you, this is a great technique. Take advantage of it.

Here’s a snippet from the podcast, where Leo, Tom Merritt, and talk about this phenomenom.

Hot Shower Stimulates Creativity by spickeringlr

What are your thoughts about this? Do you have any other suggestions for stimulating creativity?





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