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Ocean City (A Poem)

There are stars inside my blood
And my blood’s inside a star.
We’ve rolled the comet oceans, survived the flood,
And harmonized infinite worlds inside a beating pulsar.I saw silver tonight and one red flame.
My sky was below me and my sea above.
Though we knew the answer, we couldn’t say the name.
We became pure feeling, but it wasn’t hate or love.

The true victory lies inside the undefined.
True love was two minutes before you were not mine.
When the ship returns with his golden flock,
Greece will be restored, and Hermes never stopped.

The old German man looks down from the Bavarian Alps,
Watching the Ionian fishermen scratching their scalps.
The Fisher King returns damaged goods
To his drawbridge castle hidden in the English woods.

The maiden escaping the God turns into a doe.
Pluto knowing both, hesitates, and turns white as snow.
All the kids take photos of St. Petersburg’s colorful dancers
While an iceburg dead eyes the city, demanding answers.

Finally the two of us feel good as rain.
Two more days and we’ll bake these alleyways again.
The twelve headed monster respects no sleep.
But he didn’t know what slayed him was us waking while we dreamed.

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