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Where’s the King?

Where’s the King,
The radiant crown?
All winter long he’s been down,
Down to the ground,
Driven by a stake.
Oh, how he pays for the glowing mistake.
But I’ll take you in my arms at night.
Alice will soon find the cat,
And everything will be alright.
The lake will glitter with moonlight
With the boxers exuberant by the pool
Not understanding where he’s at.

Will we go to school
Or hooky down by the river
Protected by the Cottonwoods and the cool
Shoals that makes our souls shiver?

An ant awaits us to give up our thoughts,
To set our books down by the stream.
He digs his hole in search of the literary dream,
the fairy tale, the only thing
that can truly be lived out in Spring.

He’ll say I loved your wonderful musings
But the sentence you wrote on Romeo’s confusing.
Shouldn’t you kiss or at least hold her hand?
And let go of the reins like a romantic man?

The Russians are under ground, you know,
Dating bronze, silver, and golden girls
Who’ve built castles under the snow.
Each night I speak to them
To see how their adventure’s turned.
Pa Ruuski is not the language we speak
It’s one you never heard

Jesus’ triangle sweeps the West.
Buddha’s the East.
They say the great mountain fills the South
With eternal life for he who sucks from it’s rivers mouth.

But you should take your girl now
And go back to school;
Back to the chambers of the golden rule.
There will be other times
To play and frolic and rhyme.
Come back tomorrow and you’ll lose your sorrow.
Come back next week,
I’ll bring you the dream you seek.

Catfish at night: the crickets delight.
They belong in eternal June
Hanging from the crescent Moon.
Lay here for a moment, but then you must leave soon.
Isn’t that what your mind says?
But rejoice, for you may leave your Soul here,
for all of eternity, to swoon.

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