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A Song I Dug Up From the Archives, “I Know”

Stephen Pickering “I Know”

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As I was laying on the couch watching the Jet’s Colt’s game, I decided to dig through this old laptop to see what kind of “Easter Eggs” I would fine. Well to my surprise I found this song I recorded 5 years ago that I had thought I’d lost forever. I made it on an old Boss-900, one of the first DAWS that didn’t even have a hard drive, it used these expensive Iomega Zip Drives that were expensive and would only hold about a song each. I got hundreds of these old zip drives around here with pieces of song ideas on them.


Anyway, I was happy I found this. I always liked the energy of the guitar. I remember at the time I was so influenced by Pete Townshend, and there’s where the relentless driving rhythm of the guitar came from. I played the bass and keyboards very rudimentarily, and then used the drum machine, which sounds cheap, but I always thought it was fun. I’m made I erased the original zip drive the song was on, so that I could listen to the individual instruments and see what I was playing, and maybe even drag the .wavs into Garageband and do something interesting.  The solo is sloppy and drags on way to long. That’s at least one thing I could do with it, if I had the original master, tighten that up. And there’s about a hundred too many “Whoa oh’s” at the end that drag out for about 2 minutes.

But, I’m happy I found the .mp3. It’s not that great, but I remember that I had fun making it, and that’s what counts the most. :-))))))






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